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Video Games as Inspiration September 19, 2013

Hello Readers!

Sorry for the delay in post, but I just got stitches out and wanted to write something to celebrate 🙂

Now, onto the post. Inspiration can be found all around us. Most people look to television, movies, and nature, but an underrepresented media are video games. There are a plethora of fantasy game available for players of all strengths. Five of my personal favorites are below.

5.) Skyrim

You play the role of a character capable of using the ‘The Voice’ (Dragon Language which allows you to control fire, snow, and other elements) and are charged with destroying a dragon said to bring about the destruction of the world. You are capable of choosing whether you want to use an ax, duel swords, sword, and shield, or primarily magic. You can also chose to be one of the many inhabitants of the world. The world is fairly rich with lore and you can get into the middle of a civil war if you so chose.

4.) Diablo 3

The third installment of the Diablo series, a series I’ve been playing since I was five, doesn’t disappoint in continuing the lore they had in the first two games. Information is giving to you through journal entries that are found throughout the game. It deals with the struggle between The Hells, the world of humans, and Heaven, and does a great job of blending story and action.

3.) Guild Wars 2

Very different from the other games I posted above, this game is only available to play online and can be played with many, many players. Admittedly, there are Guild Wars books, but the game is so much fun to play. It’s based in a fantasy world called Tyria that is split up by race (of which you can choose any to play). You have to quest throughout the world, gaining levels to unlock more of the story. Depending on choices you made at the beginning, your personal story will be different. However, everyone eventually must team up to take down an undead dragon bent on destroying the world.

4.) The Witcher 2

The Witcher 2 is also based off a book series, but is definitely a fun game. You play as Geralt, a Witcher-a monster hunter that most everyone is afraid of. The game is interesting because you can chose what you say and what you do, which drastically impacts the ending. There are multiple endings and multiple paths to take. I would say this game is more for the advanced gamer ( in my opinion) as the controls are a little hard to get control of.

5.) Dragon Age Origins

Personally my favorite game of all time. You can pick between being an elf, human, or a dwarf. Of these three choices, there are paths you can take, noble, lowborn, mage, or a Dalish Elf-elves who refused to be subjected by the humans. You play as a Gray Warden, defenders of the world against the Darkspawn, men twisted from touching the seat of God. You must defend your country from the invading darkspawn, while gathering armies from others in the country. One of the great parts of the game is that you can talk to your fellow party members and form relationships with them. Not to mention the lore in the game is outstanding and consistent across all games.

SO, if you’re into playing games and writing fantasy, I would suggest checking them out. Do any of you have favorite games?



11 Responses to “Video Games as Inspiration”

  1. Miss Cole Says:

    Whaaat? No Final Fantasy?! Final Fantasy VII is still my favourite game of all time.

    I’ve just finished playing the Bioshock series too and I am so inspired by them I hardly know what to do with myself. Portal, too. What amazing games. The best games are always the ones that make me feel I’m playing through a really good book.

  2. Aldrea Alien Says:

    Assassin’s Creed and Ratchet & Clank are my gaming obsessions. Although I’ve a horrible habit of playing out the main plots far too fast and then spending the rest of my time getting all the extra stuff.
    Must learn to slow down and enjoy the graphics.

  3. devenluca Says:

    I am so inspiried by Kingdom Hearts. Not just the first one but all of them. One of my towns is inspired by Twilight Town and another the Destiny Islands.

  4. djgarcia94 Says:

    I’m glad this topic was brought to discussion. Actually it WAS video games that inspired me to want to become a writer. I’ve spent 200 hours playing Skyrim to give just one example. As great as Skyrim and many other games are, I’ve spent I don’t know how much time thinking about what I would have done differently.

    • That’s awesome! The first Diablo is the reason I learned how to read, my Dad wouldn’t let me play it unless I could read the items I was picking up, I distinctly remember the first word I ever read was ‘gold’. What video games have inspired you?


      • djgarcia94 Says:

        Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and Fable II and III are the big ones. Also Zelda, even though there’s not a lot of consistency with Hyrule it is justifiable because the series spans over ages and fans are left to speculate to explain many things, like the common theory that Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf are reincarnated over and over which is how they appear in games so far apart.

  5. The Chaos Realm Says:

    American McGee’s Alice

  6. The Chaos Realm Says:

    Oh, and games like Myst, Riven, etc., and their precursor, Zork!

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