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Fantasy TV October 19, 2013

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The best thing about fantasy, at least in my opinion, is that it has been making a resurgence lately. Primarily on television. Science fiction tends to be the go-to speculative fiction that gets air time, so seeing shows like Once Upon a Time, its spin-off Wonderland, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow and the like grabbing viewers in every week is really encouraging.

For people who struggle to get into books or don’t want to spend the money trekking out to a movie, television provides a free and accessible way for stories to be absorbed. And what better way to dabble in fantasy than from your couch? Show’s like Angel, Buffy, Charmed, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch paved the way for the stories that are network staples today. True Blood, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, all paranormal in genre, but firmly sitting beneath the fantasy umbrella and proving that they can stand tall against cop dramas or sitcoms. There hasn’t been a better time in television history for fantasy.

My favorite fantasy series as of now is Once Upon a Time. It had a bit of a slow first season and then seemed like it jumped the shark on some of its plots, but I feel as though this season has allowed the show to finally settle into its own skin. Exploring different fantasy worlds, new characters and unconventional plots. Instead of worrying about bridging the real world and fantasy world, it has begun to slip into a story that is primarily focused on the fantastical.

I’m not as convinced about it’s spin-off, Wonderland. While it has some interesting aspects and seems to be firmly rooted within the realm of Wonderland, it might require the same expanse of time as ONCE to really get going. Do I feel as if the network will give it this time? Probably not. It should be enjoyable in the meantime, providing quirky and imaginative tales from the twisted Wonderland alongside a touching romance.

These types of shows offer the perfect escape to viewers coming home from stressful days at work or a busy day with children. And even though they take place in other worlds, or crossover worlds, the abstract ideas are easily relatable and thoroughly exciting. Who wouldn’t love to have magic? Or be able to fly or teleport themselves to such amazing places? At its heart, that’s why fantasy is the greatest genre. I would love to see more fantasy series picked up like these to introduce a whole new generation of people to the wonders of fantasy.

What’s your favorite fantasy television show of all time and why?

~Rachel H


4 Responses to “Fantasy TV”

  1. I love that there is more fantasy on TV too. It is a genre that makes a wonderful visual impact, especially now the sets / special effects can be done at such a high level. The other great thing is that it gives a point of reference. I read widely in fantasy, and unless a book is a best seller – it’s unlikely that others (especially people who don’t read fantasy) will be interested in discussing it. Yet shows like Game of Thrones (okay so it is a best seller) have drawn in people who otherwise might not give the genre a chance.

  2. djgarcia94 Says:

    I’m going to disagree on Once Upon A Time and most of the other fantasy shows on right now. I strongly dislike the whole concept of taking old fairy tales and making them “new” by having them show up in our world or making them edgy. When there are two Snow White films being released within a few months of each other it’s hard for me not to think something is being overdone. Don’t get me wrong I think Grimm is pretty good, but I do have a hard time believing that those dozens of different fantasy races ALL have the ability to shape shift.

  3. I love fantasy TV as long as the special effects aren’t mind-numbingly bad. That was my problem with the pilot of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I couldn’t focus on the characters or plot because I kept getting distracting by how God-awful the CGI was. I think that’s why other supernatural-type shows (specifically ones to do with vampires) do so well — because all you really need are some fake teeth and blood and you’re good to go! In response to your question, my favourite fantasy TV show by far is Buffy 🙂

  4. kathils Says:

    Once Upon a Time doesn’t do much for me because the some of the characters and I do not mesh. Snow White I want to slap, Charming . . . same. Now, Hook is some pleasant eye candy . . . er . . . the story line seems to drag. I watch it if I happen to be around when it’s on, and it does have some moments. Sleepy Hollow is my favorite out of the batch right now. It suffers from some corny writing and I’m not sure if the plot will survive, but it’s fun.

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