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Write Your Post! May 3, 2014

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This is the note I left myself this morning before work:


Write Your Post


Because I forgot last month.

The reason I forgot? I was in the middle of moving my “day job” business to a new location. It took about a month to get the space ready, from cleaning and painting, to buying new supplies. The move was necessary because the atmosphere of the previous location had become depressive and stagnant. To the point where I no longer looked forward to going in and even contemplated quitting. I didn’t realize just how much it affected me until I was firmly settled in my new place.

Suddenly I felt renewed. I looked forward to going in again and even began jotting down new ideas to expand my services. In less than two weeks, I garnered four new clients. I felt lighter and happier than I had in more than two years.

The other day when I thought about all this, I realized I’d done the very same thing with my “writing” business. I was stuck ¾ of the way through my fantasy novel, THE GENTIAN SOUL, and had been since last year. I hated everything new I wrote, the story became less and less appealing to me, and my creative juices seemed to dry up because of it. I couldn’t even switch and write in my other fantasy stories. Everything felt stagnant. It wasn’t because I didn’t love them, I just couldn’t feel them.

Sometime last year, and I can’t even remember where I saw it, someone said try writing in a different genre if you’re stuck. It was either that or quit. I hadn’t written anything decent for nearly six months but I didn’t want to quit. So, at the end of January this year, I started writing a contemporary. And WOAH. That baby took off. I’m at 62,000 words (I didn’t write in March or April, only edited—1) because of my move and 2) CPing for friends) and even though the story isn’t actually the first in the series, I’m WRITING.

And here’s the best part: not only has writing contemporary helped me improve my pacing and character development, it got my creative juices flowing again. Ideas for THE GENTIAN SOUL are dancing in my head and I’m actually looking forward to diving back in. Hopefully in a few months I can write a post titled THE END and tell you all about it.

What about you guys? Ever had to move in order to re-invigorate your writing?



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