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One Year Blogiversary Giveaway! (closed) November 30, 2013

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Hi everyone!

There And Draft Again is one year old tomorrow! We would all like to thank you, dear readers, for supporting us throughout these past 12 months, for “liking” our posts, commenting, sharing and suscribing!

So without further ado… let’s celebrate this milestone with a giveaway!

As Fantasy writers, we all know how important it is to get feedback on our writing. So we’ve decided to give away critiques! Prepare those queries and manuscripts, and enter below for a chance to win!

What you can win:

– A Full Manuscript critique from Jessica Montgomery (manuscript must be complete)


– A query critique from Mara Valderran


– A query critique from Rachel Horwitz


– A first 5 pages critique from Kate Michael


– A first chapter critique from Raewyn Hewitt


– A first chapter critique from Rachel O’Laughlin


– A first 5,000 words critique from K.L. Schwengel

How to enter:

Simply fill in the form below with your name and email. Do let us know if you prefer a query critique or a first pages critique.

Giveaway information:

The giveaway is open until Saturday 7th December 2013.

Entrants must be at least 13 years of age.

This giveaway is open Internationally.

The winner will be chosen randomly, notified by email and will have 72 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen.

We hold the right to end the giveaway before its original deadline without any prior notice.

We hold the right to disqualify any entry as I see fit.

Privacy information: no information given for this giveaway will be used for other purpose than this giveaway. All information provided (names and emails) will be deleted after the giveaway.

Good luck everyone and thank you again for your continued support!


And drumroll…GIVEAWAY TIME!!! August 1, 2013

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I’m a little squeamish about hijacking There and Draft Again to make flowery mention of my new little book, but since my fellow bloggers have said it’s okay, and seeing as it is coming out in 5 days (!!!), I thought I’d pop in, drop a teaser, and do a giveaway. Yup, giveaway time again!


I’m giving away an eBook of COLDNESS OF MAREK to two lucky winners!

Annnnnnnd I have a [previously unreleased] short little teaser…

Trzl turned her eyes on Marek in question. “Not rich enough to afford a war?”

“I’m still unclear as to why you think I’d have any interest in a war,” he said. “One war was enough.”

She shrugged. “I can’t imagine you turning around and selling those gate sequences once you had them. The temptation to use them would be too strong. Bloody man such as yourself.”

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, including your email address so we can contact you if you win. Giveaway is open to international entrants.Followers of There and Draft Again get an extra entry! Winners will be drawn on release day, August 6. Thank you for entering and good luck! I can’t wait to send two of you an eBook!

— Rachel O’Laughlin

COLDNESS OF MAREKReleases August 6, 2013
The First in the Serengard Series
Release Date: August 6, 2013

Serengard has been under Orion rule for centuries—centuries of insufferable adherence to laws and traditions that its people no longer believe in. Raised by her scholarly grandfather in the fiery southern city of Neroi, Trzl is dedicated to turning the monarchy into a free society where knowledge is king and no one has to be subject to the whims of an Orion.

As the rebellion escalates, her choices have an eerie impact on the revolution at large, elevating her to a position of influence she has only dreamed of attaining. But there are downsides to her new power that entangle her in a dangerous web of emotions, appearances and alliances. Even as she plays to the attractions of Hodran, a rich nobleman who wants to aid her cause, she is drawn to Mikel, a loyalist farmer who hates the rebellion but just might be winning her heart.

By the time Trzl realizes she is in too deep, she has an infant son and a dark mess of betrayal and lies. She runs to the furthest corner of the kingdom in hopes that she will be left alone with her child, but she has created too many demons. A figure she once trusted will take her captive in the chilling Cliffs of Marek, throw her back into the political upheaval she helped create, and leave her at the mercy of a man she never wanted for an enemy.

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100th Follower Giveaway May 22, 2013

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~ K. L. Schwengel

In honor of surpassing 100 followers, and to thank you all for joining us on this Epic Adventure, we’re having a Giveaway.

*cue clapping, confetti, champagne corks, fanfare, trumpets, and flying monkeys*

Sorry, but I just adore flying monkeys, and since they put me in charge of this soiree I get to choose how we celebrate.

I’d love to be able to award a flying monkey to the winner of our giveaway but they’re rather hard to ship. Sure, they could fly themselves, but they aren’t the best at following directions. Limited attention span, you know.

So, in lieu of flying monkeys (and hopefully much better) we are giving away a signed copy of my fantasy novel First of Her Kind as well as (hold onto your hats, and your monkeys) a coupon for Pre-Order/Advance Order of fellow TADA author Rachel O’Laughlin’s book Coldness of Marek due out in August.

*cue more fanfare, trumpets, sparkly dancers*

As with everything, we need to have some rules, so here they are:

The Giveaway will run from Now (yes, right this moment) until next Wednesday, May 29th. Since the purpose of doing this is to thank our followers, you will need to already follow or sign up to follow There and Draft Again.

  • Leave a comment signifying that you’re a follower and are entering.
  • Come back on the 29th to find out if you’ve won. We’ll post it in the comments section. Winner will be chosen at random.
  • How much simpler can this be, right?
  • Winners will 72 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.

Here’s what you could win:

A signed paperback copy of First of Her Kind ~ A Darkness & Light Novel, Book One

Everyone, it seems, wants to dictate what Ciara does with her life: Serve the Goddess, destroy the Goddess, do as you promised your aunt. All Ciara wants is to keep the two magics she possesses from ripping her apart.
 And that won’t be easy.
 Not only are they in complete opposition to each other, blood ties pull her in divergent directions as well. And then there’s Bolin, the man sworn to protect her. There’s no denying the growing attraction between them, but is it Ciara he wants? Or her power?
 None of which will matter if Ciara can’t overcome her fear and learn to use her gifts. No one knows the depths of the ancient power she possesses, or what will happen if it manages to escape her control.
 Will she lose herself entirely? Or be forever trapped between darkness & light?

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A pre-order for a copy of Coldness of Marek (due out in August)

A rebel and an idealist, Trzl is certain that no one loves the kingdom of Serengard as much as she does. She spends her days and nights organizing the movement to bring down the Orion monarchy, to destroy the hold of the nobles and their strict rules that have bound the people to archaic tradition.
But then a young man loyal to the crown starts falling for her, forcing her to question everything that makes her believe in the inherent evil of the nobility. As the rebellion escalates, she is caught between endangering the trust of her rebel cohorts and destroying the life of a man who might be inching his way into her heart.
Trzl’s plans turn to nightmares when her choice leaves her a single mother at nineteen. Without a friend to her name, she takes refuge near the chilling Cliffs of Marek in the hopes that she will be left alone with her fatherless son. But she has a few too many demons. A man whom she once trusted takes her captive, throwing her back into the political mess she helped create. Now at the mercy of someone she never wanted for an enemy, she must play her own hand of betrayal to save herself and her son.

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Thank you for helping make our Blog a success!