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More Fantasy Please January 11, 2014

I read through Fantasy-Faction’s Best Fantasy Books of 2013 yesterday, and realized the number of fantasy books I didn’t read in 2013. I read 106 novels total, most of which were horror, paranormal romance, and contemporary, with a few literary sprinkled in for good measure. As fantasy is my #1 genre, this shocked me.

And then I asked myself why I’d avoided the fantasy books on my TBR list, and I think it’s this: I didn’t want the story I’m writing influenced by others. The ms I’m currently working on has given me way more trouble than my previous one. This one is epic fantasy, filled with action, mythical re-tellings, battles, you name it. I’ve struggled with plot, direction, plot, and more plot. I know what the end looks like, but getting there has been one hell of a journey.

I think I feared reading fantasy because I feared I’d take the easy route and structure mine based on what worked for others. Reading outside my genre while writing is something I’ve always done, for various reasons, but never to this extreme. And now that I’ve passed a number of hurdles, and the end of my ms is truly in sight—Jan. 28th is my deadline for this draft—I’m looking forward to catching up on my fantasy reads. The first of which is Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence.


Happy reading! Kate